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Why Us?

What makes us different from the rest?


Five years of experience delivering high quality media to our clients. We specialize in; Weddings, Birthday Parties, Portraiture, along others.


Four years of delivering high quality video. Our unique way of expressing stories through our smooth shots will make your branding even more unique.

Graphic Design

We provide you with unique, clean graphic design that helps you put character to your business.

Social Media presence

We combine our media focuses and help you put it out for your potential customers to see. Whether you are an established business or a new business, our social media methods will increase your customer flow.


Who are we...
Passionate people looking to help you grow your business

LG Design LLC is family based company of passionate photographers, videographers, and graphic designers, based out of Fairfield County, Connecticut, providing premium quality media. As a passionate group of photographers, videographers, and graphic designers, our goal is to produce unique photography that not only meets, but exceeds your expectations with the utmost professionalism. Standing out as one of the few businesses who tends to all your business needs, LG Design LLC see's the importance of having a fully functional basis for your business. See below for our method of fourths.

  • Photography

    One fourth: Photography. We will provide you with a way to make your business come to life through the art of images.

  • Videography

    Two fourths: Videography. Our eye for picking out the most important part of your business provides the foundation of our signature short clips.

  • Graphic Design

    Three fourths: Graphic Design. Let us put a face to your business of which your customers will remember you by and be able to seek you out.

  • Social Media

    Four Fourths: Social Media. Providing a way to take all the high quality content you have supporting your passion and placing it on platforms to take your business to the next level while making you accessible to the world around you.

Our Team

Meet the people that make this possible
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Luis E Garcia

Graphic Design / Photographer
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Isis Garcia

Art Director / Manager
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Gloria F. Garcia

Social Media / Videographer
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Juan L Garcia


Our Clients

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